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The modern world has become a global village. Communication and information sharing has become a vital aspect for every individual and every institution. This important growing trend has resulted from the development of numerous personal profiles and internet websites. Today, the world can search, buy, locate, transfer and sell virtually anything over the internet. Website development requires professional attention for the web site in order to serve its purpose both functionally and esthetically. UCG’s web development department known as “UCG-WDD” is fully equipped to handle the customized customers’ requirements depending on their demands within the platforms of PHP-AJAX-MYSQL-MSSQL-ASP-.NET technologies also on Linux OS or Windows OS environments.

UCG CMS & PushM@il:


UCG-CMS “Content Management System” :
Over and above UCG’s keen attention to customer satisfaction in the end user security, UCG has pushed it’s know how to present the world with a secure, reliable and efficient Content Management System.

UCG-CMS has been vigilantly designed to be as user friendly as possible with a light attribute to it. Without a doubt, corporations, organizations and institutions worldwide spend fortunes on different software systems to handle its valuable information resources that are vital to run the core of their businesses. Such information includes databases, indexes, customer information, profiles, bank accounts and much more. A poor managed data handles pushes up costs and errors in the functions of companies. UCG – CMS is the most advanced and simple remedy that can be tailored for your needs. We strive to fulfill your content management requirements using our latest AJAX experience.

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As the worldwide technology and personal annual income have improved over the years, an increasingly amount of people can go online to communicate through electronic mail for business or leisure purposes. This increasingly wealth of information being transferred via links, networks and servers can become a cumbersome task for inefficient corporations and organizations who aspire to use this essential communication method.

UCG boasts another technologically sophisticated product: a professional mailing list system called PushM@il.

What is PushM@il?
The trouble-free UCG-PushM@il has been created after three years of research and development to deliver a high speed, trustworthy and dependable mail list system.

This innovative system carries with it a large variety of features that include:

  • Send mails as if it's sent from your inbox using SMTP authentication.

  • Mails will never flag as SPAM unless your original mail is SPAM listed.

  • Secured online application using HTTPS over SSL.

  • Secured and Enhanced out mail "SMTP" using "ESMTP + TLS.

  • Bounce back mails reporting and bouncing filter options

  • Campaigns tracking, viewers reporting and comparisons.

  • Data Base remote access or JAVA List feeding, just upload the TXT list file and the SYS will import it quickly.

  • Browser time or Auto Sender, Create mail >> Select the category >> Send >> Done, The SYS will work in background.

  • Schedule e-Mails advertisement campaigns to be done on a specific time.

  • Compose e-Mails as never before using AJAX- RichTXTEditor.

  • Archive old e-Mails advertisement campaigns to resend.

  • Build a data FTP manageable source on the online storage "500MB" to reuse and to reduce uploading time "optional".

  • Perfect online HTML editor to create professional HTML mails.

  • Easily categories management, Create, Delete, Rename and Move mails in between.

  • Editable Sender and receiver aliases.

  • Unsubscribing or Abusing receiver ability "Moved to Abuse category"

  • More than 20 ready to use HTML templates.

  • And many more practical features...

CAT – Siemens Project UAE:

This project is a PHP interface which read the log files from the GPS system box “Siemens – VDO” and translates its values into a readable numbers and graphs after special scaling. Moreover, It’s ability to generate Google earth MAP files.
This CAT – Siemens Project can work either on a web based server which support PHP5 and MySQL or on any terminal “PC” that has an apache server.
Nowadays, our system is using by the leading power generators manufacturers CAT – UAE.

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    Job Agency System:

    This project is a PHP data base manager with a cute and eyes friendly user interface. This PHP system allows Job Agencies to manage companies who are looking from employees and to handle employees CVs.
    This system work to integrate and match data bases between employees and companies to notify each side by the available offers and for sure the admin will be notified. With a full admin access to manage, edit, add or delete records the Job Agency will get rid of any orders jamming or troubles.
    Nowadays, Our Job Agency System is used by more than 25 job agencies world widely and has more than three customized versions.

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    Mail List System:

    Mail List system is a PHP smart and easy mail list manager. Our system can easily import and export e-mails from its TXT format DB and show you up to time statistics regarding to the system status.
    The mail list system has to admin layers with some inherited features to the second one, each admin can view, and Contact members but the head admin only has the mail lists managing privileges.
    OQiis Co. mail list system has smart easy data base management way which allows any PC basic user to deal with.
    OQiis Co. mail list system available in three languages: English, French and Arabic and until Aug-2008 it has two versions.
    Nowadays, our mailing list is using by more than 50 user world widely.

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    UCG Deals Groupon Clone "Social Coupons Site:

    A coupons platform for city based offers with a lot of features in the back end. More than 4 frameworks integration and special structured web hosting.

    Main Features:
    • High Compatibility

    • Mobile Version

    • Live chat

    • Support system

    • Instant deals

    • Deals history

    • Auto News Letter

    • Online payment integration

    • Affiliate System

    • Much more

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    UCG custom built classifieds:

    Smarty classifieds system, 2 levels of administration, dynamic view for all screen sizes and platforms, advertisements "banner" management & much more ...

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