SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” is an all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses. Handling everything from signup to termination, it is a powerful automation & support tool. It is not limited, any business with a need for online billing, particularly of a recurring nature, for example Services or memberships, then SNIPER “MINI-ERP” can be a perfect solution.

SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” can be used as a standalone client area portal, or integrated into your website, and provides you with a member’s area to allow clients to sign-up and manage their account & services with you, make payments, and request support.
SNIPER “MiNi-ERP” integrates with payment gateways, server provisioning APIs, services registrars & fraud protection services to be able to fully automate the ordering and provisioning process.
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Nova POS:

Maestro | Restaurants e-Management Solution

Program Type: Restaurants e-Management Solution , By: NOVA UE

Users: Full Service restaurant , Quick Service restaurant , Delivery , Independent or Small Chain , Bakeries Pastries , Cafeterias , Coffee Shops , Beach Resorts , Catering Services , Kiosk , Hotels
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Master | Accounting, POS & Stores Application

Program Type: Accounting , POS & Stores Application By: NOVA UE

Users: Shops, Super Markets, Small-Medium Companies, Service centers, Education institutes, Factories, Foundations, Clinics, and Restaurants.
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Qawafel | Shipping e-Management Solutions

Program Type: Shipping e-Management Solutions By: NOVA UE

Users: Small and Medium shipping companies.
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NOVA Time | Employees Attendance, Shift and Logs

Program Type: Employees Attendance, Shift and Logs By: NOVA UE

Users: Restaurants, Corporations, or any facility that needs to follow the employees attendance and calculate salaries
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